#40DayChallenge – Day 20 – Positivism

Today is Day 20 of the #40DayChallenge – the half way point. I am concluding the 10 mark theory and methods questions today as I will have covered 10 possible questions and want to move on to some more potential 10 markers for Crime, Media and Global Development – sorry I don’t teach beliefs soContinue reading “#40DayChallenge – Day 20 – Positivism”

#40 Day Challenge Day 19 – Ageing Population and Family

Nearly at the half-way point with just 22 days of revision to go until the Paper 1 exam on May 22nd. Today I have set the challenge of making the link between the ageing population and changes in the family. These are from 2 different specification points so there is a good possibility of thisContinue reading “#40 Day Challenge Day 19 – Ageing Population and Family”

#40DayChallenge – Day 18 Feminism

In the past, short answer questions on the major theories were not something students would expect. However, last year one of the questions for students was to outline and explain two ways the Functionalism was limited in explaining contemporary society which opened up a new avenue for questioning from AQA. This type of question mightContinue reading “#40DayChallenge – Day 18 Feminism”

#40DayChallenge Day 17 – Globalisation and Family

Two key topic areas seem to be causing a lot of concern when it comes to revision. Lots of teachers and students have sent messages asking me to cover aspects of social policy and globalisation. With family, the key aspect of globalisation is the impact of migration on the UK family. It is often easyContinue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 17 – Globalisation and Family”

#40DayChallenge Day 16 – Practical limitations of Self Completition Questionnaires

Today’s 40 Day challenge is on research methods. Given that 2 of the 8 ten mark questions across the 3 papers are on either Theory or Methods this is the eighth theory methods question I have asked. These questions are much harder to predict and so for revision I would suggest as a minimum youContinue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 16 – Practical limitations of Self Completition Questionnaires”

#40DayChallenge Day 15 Social Policy and Gender Roles

Today we are going back to family and looking at the Outline and Explain question. Lots of requests to look at social policy for all areas of the specification so I have gone with another social policy question, this time looking at how it might affect gender roles. It’s worth thinking about how gender rolesContinue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 15 Social Policy and Gender Roles”

#40DayChallenge Day 14 – Theoretical Advantages of Interpretivism

Today the focus is on the theoretical part of research methods and specifically Interpretivist methodology. Whilst this is not a question type that we have seen so far in the AQA exams, for me it is one that if it came up might surprise a few students. Of course, Interpretivism itself is a theoretical approach,Continue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 14 – Theoretical Advantages of Interpretivism”

#40DayChallenge – Day 13 – Social Policy and Birth Rate

Today I am going to be setting a question on Families and Households instead of Education. Whilst I recognise that Education is the first paper (a mere 28 days away!) there are 2 10 mark questions of the optional topics and the away they are asked vary and so I wanted to focus on theseContinue reading “#40DayChallenge – Day 13 – Social Policy and Birth Rate”

#40DayChallenge Day 12 – Ethics and Covert Observations

Today’s question switches from looking at the theoretical debates on the theory and methods 10 mark questions to the methods that sociologists use. Two years ago, in the first examination of the new specification, a new form of question type was asked about methods which demonstrated the elevation of methods only questions from AS levelContinue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 12 – Ethics and Covert Observations”

#40DayChallenge Day 11 – Functions of Education

We are 25% of the way through the #40DayChallenge now and I have been really grateful for all of the positive feedback I have had and how students and teachers have taken to spreading the work through Twitter and Instagram – Thank you all. Today’s questions is a relatively straightforward one. Last year the 10Continue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 11 – Functions of Education”