#40DayChallenge – Day 13 – Social Policy and Birth Rate

Today I am going to be setting a question on Families and Households instead of Education. Whilst I recognise that Education is the first paper (a mere 28 days away!) there are 2 10 mark questions of the optional topics and the away they are asked vary and so I wanted to focus on these instead. 

On Paper 2, for both section A and Section B there are 40 marks worth of questions: A 20 mark evaluate question, a 10 mark Applying material from the Item, Analyse 2… question and perhaps the trickiest of all a 10 mark outline and explain question. The tricky part is trying to establish a link between two parts of the question as these are not normally taught together and are from different bullet points in the specification. For example today’s question is taken from 2 separate topics – demographic change and social policy. The purpose of these questions is to see if student can link concepts in the bigger picture. Essentially what you have to do is show how A causes B. In the example below, you have to outline a social policy, it’s aims and how the implementation of that policy would have impacted on the UK birth rate. Some scope for contemporary application here with policy, but also credit would be given for more historical answers as there is no time limit on the question. Be careful to steer clear of generalisations however! 

As always, the model answers for the previous 12 questions are available to download from the model answers page of the website. Good luck with today’s challenge. 

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