#40DayChallenge Day 17 – Globalisation and Family

Two key topic areas seem to be causing a lot of concern when it comes to revision. Lots of teachers and students have sent messages asking me to cover aspects of social policy and globalisation. With family, the key aspect of globalisation is the impact of migration on the UK family. It is often easy to consider the change in family types as a result of immigration, but a competent sociology student will also look at the influence of emigration on family types. Emigration out of the UK has impacts too. Skilled workers leaving, older family members retiring overseas, families moving for employment. 

Today’s question also hints at how globalisation impacts on childhood. The growth of communications technology is an aspect of globalisation and this may well be developed into a link to toxic childhood, particularly online gaming and social media. 

Today’s #40DayChallenge question is… 

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