#40DayChallenge – Day 31

Just 9 more days to go in the #40DayChallenge – if you are new to the challenge – why? I’ve been doing this for over 4 weeks… never mind you can still join in. Today’s question is going back to theory and methods and focusing specifically on one of the more straightforward methods – questionnaires. Continue reading “#40DayChallenge – Day 31”

#40DayChallenge Day 30 – Interactionism

Today’s 40 Day challenge question is on Interactionism. This is a broad theory that really lacks coherence compared to our structural theories, Marxism, Functionalism and Feminism. There are numerous occasions when we come across Interactionism on the specification, yet students appear to struggle to place it when it does occur. Labelling Theory in both EducationContinue reading “#40DayChallenge Day 30 – Interactionism”