#2022Challenge Day 8 – Theory and Methods

Nearly didn’t manage to get today’s challenge done, but here it is. Sometimes it is tough to maintain daily revision, particularly when faced with other demands, such as work, family and friends. Sometimes unforeseen events may throw you off track somewhat, but it’s worth realising that if that does happen then it’s important to get back up and carry on, even if you’re not completely at your best. Consistency is the key and even an under-par half hour of revision is better than none at all!

Speaking of which… Here’s my Day 8 answers.

Hopefully my laptop will speed up enough for me to get the video posted for today’s questions either tonight or tomorrow morning. Tomorrow’s questions are a mixed bag. A relative straightforward methods question looking at theoretical advantages (validity, reliability, types of data, methodological preferences etc). This is followed by a more difficult question looking at society in a post-modern age. What features of post-modernity are present in our society?

So, with 8 days gone and just 47 remaining in the challenge, we carry on with Theory and Methods. If you’re doing Culture and Identity as an option then next week it’s all about you. For the rest, you will get a well deserved break if you can make it through the next two days. Best of luck.

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