Paper 1 overview 

At the start of the exam season 2019 I uploaded a series of overviews of each of the three papers focusing on questions that have been asked and those yet to be asked. These are available on my You Tube channel. The first is linked in above or at bottom of this page. 

I also have a range of ‘How to Write’ essay walkthroughs on my YouTube channel:

The Sociology Guy

The method I use to write the essays on this site is detailed one this one page PDF which is a handy print out for classroom walls (A3 or bigger) or for student files or as a table prompt:

Essay Template

Starter for 10

A really useful way to get to grips with the 10 mark questions is to practice them on a regular basis. Spend 3-5 minutes reading through the item or planning the links between the 2 areas of the specification, then no more than ten minute writing two clear paragraphs. There is a generic mark scheme attached to each one for you to assess your own progress.

Families and Households

Starter for 10

This page is constantly being updated in the run up to exams – please subscribe and follow @thesociologyguy on Twitter for more updates. Other content will be added here in the near future

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