GCSE Sociology

The growing popularity of Sociology as an academic subject has extended to the study of the subject at GCSE level. In 2017 the specification was revamped alongside other GCSEs and developed the controversial 9-1 format rather than the traditional A*-G. As a consequence, many existing resources for GCSE Sociology were seen as out of date and the purpose of this site is to make sure that students can get contemporary and subject specialist resources to help them in their study of Sociology at all levels and GCSE is no exception.

The key content on the specification can be found by clicking on the pages below and is based upon the specification for AQA Sociology that was intended for first teaching in 2017.

Introduction to Sociology





The aim of this specification, according to AQA is to:

GCSE Sociology helps students to gain knowledge and understanding of key social structures, processes and issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance and social stratification.

Students will develop their analytical, assimilation and communication skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives on a variety of social issues, constructing reasoned arguments, making substantiated judgements and drawing reasoned conclusions. By studying sociology, students will develop transferable skills including how to:

• investigate facts and make deductions

• develop opinions and new ideas on social issues

• analyse and better understand the social world.  (AQA, 2017)

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