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Since I started the website in earnest (February 2019), lots of people have contacted me asking for help. One of the problems with Sociology teaching is the amount of teachers who have been given the subject with little of no knowledge of the subject area. Despite it’s popularity as an A level (around 38,000 entries in 2019) it is still seen as somewhat of a niche subject in secondary schools, given the relatively small nature (although expanding) of GCSE provision in the subject. As a consequence, many non-subject specialists are given this subject at A level, often at their own behest. Most teachers are professional enough to try their best to understand the subject, despite being specialists in other areas. Senior Leaders – not enough of them being sociologists – don’t seem to realise the level of training this requires. As a consequence, there is an increasing number of non-specialists in this area. I know, I was once one, despite being a Social Science graduate.

However, while sociology encompasses may different aspects of the social and political sciences and the humanities (History, Politics, Economics, Psychology, Geography, Religious Studies to name but a few) the level of expertise, particularly in assessment is not always there. It’s tough to be a non-specialist, and even tougher to be a student of a non-specialist. That’s where I can help.


Ideologically, I am opposed to the idea of private tuition. The reason being is that the costs of tuition for some students put them at an advantage over others.  With fees ranging from £15-30 an hour, one hour a week is significantly prohibitive for students from certain backgrounds.It’s why the resources for students on my site will always be free.

However, the harsh reality of life is that if I don’t make money, I don’t feed my kids. I know, I’m a capitalist, but hopefully an ethical one. That’s why I am going to be offering online tuition at a heavily reduced rate for students, with further discounts for those in receipt of Bursaries in school.

Plan 1:  Full Year 2 or Year 13 Students AQA Sociology

Paper 1 and 3 Online Group Tuition

Paper 1 (October to Jan) Paper 3 (Feb to May)

Weekly 1.5 hour lesson via live video stream (Monday evenings – live or on demand)

Feedback on weekly assessments

Revision webinars throughout May and June for paper 1 and 3

£15 per month – (9 months from October to June)

£120 one off payment for full academic year

Discounts for Bursary Students on production of documentation

Plan 2 – Exam Blast

Limited subscription from March – June

1.5 hour revision session online per week

Feedback on Assessments

Review of Past Paper questions

£25 per month – (March – June)

One off fee £75

Discounts for Bursary Students on production of documentation

Other bespoke plans available on request including undergraduate and overseas students. To indicate your interest in tuition services please complete the contact form below:

Teacher Services 

I work exclusively with Tutor 2 U providing CPD for teachers of Sociology. Details of their events can be found here





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