#40Day Challenge Day 27 – Consensus vs Conflict

I may be slightly out of sync in recent days having posted three questions on one day, but today I am focusing on the ten markers for question 6 on papers 1 and 3. There are so many different combinations of questions that it is worth examining as many different types of questions as I can before May 22nd (2 weeks today) and with just 13 days left of the challenge, I want to make sure I can cover as much content as I can for paper 1 for students to revise. 

Today’s question is a remix of the first 20 marker on Theory and Methods in 2017. It may not come up on the exams having already been asked, but the difference between consensus and conflict theories can be used elsewhere across the course. Revising this section is therefore time well spent over the next two weeks. 

Again, previous answers to the challenge can be found on the model answers page 

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