#40 Day Challenge Days 31-34

Due to a few issues out of my control (internet connection issues - thank you Sky!) been unable to upload responses/questions for 4) day challenge for the last few days. There are only 4 days of revision left until the first paper and I intend to make sure that there are 40 model answers there … Continue reading #40 Day Challenge Days 31-34

#40DayChallenge Day 16 – Practical limitations of Self Completition Questionnaires

Today's 40 Day challenge is on research methods. Given that 2 of the 8 ten mark questions across the 3 papers are on either Theory or Methods this is the eighth theory methods question I have asked. These questions are much harder to predict and so for revision I would suggest as a minimum you … Continue reading #40DayChallenge Day 16 – Practical limitations of Self Completition Questionnaires

A Level Content

Core Modules:  Education Crime and Deviance Research Methods (including Methods in Context) Theory and Methods   Optional Modules: Section A  Culture and Identity Families and Households Work, Poverty and Welfare Health (coming soon)   Optional Modules: Section B Beliefs in Society Global Development Media Social Stratification    

#40DayChallenge Day 30 – Interactionism

Today's 40 Day challenge question is on Interactionism. This is a broad theory that really lacks coherence compared to our structural theories, Marxism, Functionalism and Feminism. There are numerous occasions when we come across Interactionism on the specification, yet students appear to struggle to place it when it does occur. Labelling Theory in both Education … Continue reading #40DayChallenge Day 30 – Interactionism