Revision Workouts – Now available to download!

You can now download the revision workouts for some structured revision tasks. Each session is meant to be around an hour long, with each section taking 15 minutes. These include a warm-up of knowledge retrieval activities to boost your confidence, application to exam questions and practice questions before cooling down.

Revision is a key element of studying sociology at A level. Too often students ask:

‘How do I revise?’

‘How can I remember all of this information?’

It’s very rare that we completely forget something, short of some form of accident. Often the problem students face with revision is not putting it into their brains, put practising how to get it out. This is one reason why retrieval practice activities have become all the rage with teachers – particularly since you are being tested on 2 years of information in a very short space of time. Unless you’ve not put the information in there (due to absences or not paying attention), it’s likely that the problem with your revision is that you don’t know how to get it out. Or what to do with it once you have recalled it.

In this section I’m going to be posting some of my revision hacks that I give to students to help them stay in control of their revision, not become overwhelmed and most importantly – be confident about their abilities. I’ll be updating these regularly on my twitter and instagram feeds for those revision for both the October exams and summer 2021 exams.

You can also download these as pdfs by clicking on the relevant link below:

How to tackle the different questions:

I have recently uploaded some of the resources I have created for the one page ‘How to Answer’ specific types of essay questions below. You can see the images in the gallery and download the PDFs from the links below.

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