The content checklist for what you need to know for the crime and deviance module can be downloaded from the link below. some of the key debates that you need to be aware of are shown in the title image, but can be downloaded in pdf format as well from the link below.

Crime Checklist

Crime and deviance is one of the core modules on the AQA A level Sociology specification. Examining theories of crime, deviance, social control and social order is one of the first stages of gaining an understanding into why people commit crime, what crime does to society and how people’s behaviours are controlled by social institutions. The first gallery focuses on Functionalist and subcultural theories of crime and deviance.

These can also be downloaded as pdfs to stick into your notes. Just click on the links below:

The next gallery focuses on the different Marxist and Neo-Marxist theories of crime and deviance – focusing on capitalism as a cause of crime, the ideological functions of crime and the role of the ruling class in making the laws and enforcing the laws.

These theories can also be downloaded as pdf files to put in your notes:

The content below is from previous years and will be uploaded to REVISION as this page continues to be updated throughout the academic year

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8 Great – Crime and Media

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Functions of Crime

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