#40 Day Challenge Day 26 (belated – because we’re going to Madrid!!!)

In the excitement of watching Liverpool Vs Barcelona, I may have omitted to post about Day 26 of the challenge on the website… I’m apologise. It was an omission, it won’t happen again, but you know…DIVOCK ORIGI!!!! Sorry just had to get that out of my system. 

Following on from the exhaustion that was caused by the Triple Threat 40 Day Challenge with two of my own essays and a brilliant contribution from Kate, I opted for a slightly easier challenge for Day 26…at least I thought I had until I sat down to write it. Official Statistics as a research method can be quite easy to criticise on a theoretical basis, but practically proved a little more difficult – still have a go if you haven’t already.

Previous model answers are available by clicking here.  

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