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A few weeks ago I wrote about the range of CPD options that were available for Sociology teachers and generally got some nice feedback from teachers saying that it was useful to know that there was support out there for them, particularly NQTs and non-specialist teachers (of which there are many). This post is a follow up to the Teacher CPD page on who you should follow in the online Sociology community if you need help or assistance, some good resources or just a few new ideas to help you through those tough days in teaching (you know, Monday to Friday).

First of all there is me (shameless self promotion here). But hopefully you know that already, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog. My specialist areas tend to be in global development, families and media (alongside the core modules, theory and methods, crime and education). But I am aware that there are a lot of teachers out there that teach Beliefs and Culture and Identity and Stratification that probably need a hand too, plus there are too many really good teachers out there to ignore so I thought I would give a list and links to some of the other folks championing sociology online. This list is made up from sources I have regularly used and only reflects my opinion.

The Hectic Teacher: 

Hectic Teacher A level Sociology

For a while now, The Hectic Teacher has been one of the go to sites for sociology resources and the quality and range of resources that she has provided make this a site to bookmark for all Sociology teachers. There has been some confusion recently about the Hectic Teacher’s resources being either unavailable or behind a paywall, but this is categorically not the case. The site has simply moved to give it a specific focus on A level. There are some resources that are in a teacher zone and password protected, but a simple email will get you access to this area and it is well worth the effort. Some visually outstanding materials and a really helpful teacher as well.

Areas covered: Crime, Families, Education, Theory and Methods, Beliefs in Society

The Teacher Sociology: 

The Teacher Sociology – You Tube

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kate for a few years, ever since she was on my team for an examining series. A five minute telephone call to introduce myself, turned into an hour long discussion of the perils and pitfalls of teaching Sociology. Such is Kate’s passion for the subject, she has amassed a huge library of helpful videos on how to get into the top bands for a range of different topic areas. The Teacher Sociology is usually the site I refer people to when asking me about Beliefs or Methods in Context. A really helpful person in the sociology groups, particularly on exam technique and revision, so cannot recommend highly enough.  She has also recently started her own website which can be found here.

Areas covered: Crime, Families, Education, Theory and Methods, Beliefs in Society

Earlham Sociology:

Earlham Sociology Pages

This is one of the sites I used to visit in my formative years as a Sociology teacher as it has a massive range of materials and has been my go to website for adding in materials that are going to push students a little further. Run by Russell Haggar, a vastly experienced teacher of sociology, this site is a one stop shop for new teachers as if they don’t cover a certain topic, they certainly know who will. One to use to get your head around the depth of content in Sociology

Areas covered: All of them

AQA A Level Sociology Teachers Facebook Page

AQA A Level Sociology Teachers Group

A private group of over 2,500 Sociology teachers worldwide, this really is a must join. Not only is there the opportunity to pose questions, get feedback on marking, share ideas and make contacts, but they also have a drop-box of useful resources that members of the group have shared. There is no shortage of expert advice as many of the admins and moderators of the page are experienced examiners and teachers themselves. Worth joining Facebook just to be a part of this group.

Revise Sociology

Revise Sociology

Another very detailed site that offers information on a broad range of topics and ideas. More content driven that resources, the topics are covered in an easy to understand format. Run by Karl Thompson, Revise Sociology is currently offering resources and webinars for the exams that students or teachers have to pay for, but are priced reasonably at least that £5 a webinar if purchased in a bundle of 12.

Tutor 2 U 

Tutor 2 U Sociology

As I’ve previously disclosed, I do have an involvement in Tutor 2 U, but that involvement came because I was an avid follower of their materials and resources they produce. Following them online gives you information about courses, webinars, conferences as well as their daily blog which is useful for applying the skills learnt in the classroom to real life.

Tutor 2 U have an extensive range of digital texts and resources for all of the modules of offer and the standard of resources is well worth convincing your department head to loosen the purse strings.

Sociology Stuff 

Sociology Stuff

Steve Chapman (yes from the textbooks) is the man behind this site. Steve boasts a long history in the teaching and examining of Sociology and is well regarded in the sociology community. All you could wish for as a new teacher or a non-specialist can be found here: question banks, model answers, revision notes. A really useful site to bookmark

Areas covered: Everything!

Sociology Support 

Sociology Support

I have already extolled the virtues of Sociology Support in terms of training, but they also host a regular Q&A session on Twitter on the first Tuesday of each month with the #SocSup. I have worked with some of the Sociology Support Team in a professional capacity and can vouch for the attention to detail that they put into their work. Would recommend any new teacher to join in on their monthly Q&A and those lingering doubts about 10 markers will soon be long forgotten.

Napier Press

Napier Press website

If you use the Webb and Trobe textbook for A level Sociology then it is well worth bookmarking this site as there are downloadable materials for students that compliment the textbook and that is worth its weight in gold on a hectic Tuesday in February – trust me! Another experienced team of writers, examiners and teachers behind this site and definitely worth a follow if you teach Families and Beliefs as your two options.

Ken Browne

Ken Brown Resources

The Ken Browne textbooks have been a mainstay of my teaching practice, mainly because I chose not to teach Beliefs very early on in my career. If you are teaching the increasingly popular global development module then the Ken Browne text is a must have. On the polity site there are some downloadable resources to accompany this textbook.


Of course there are lots more resources and websites around for A level Sociology and by no means is this an exhaustive list of resources to choose from. It merely reflects the websites that I got to when I am lost for ideas or in need of a bit of support and clarity.


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