The 40 Day Challenge – 40 days, 40 x 10 mark questions! Education and Globalisation 12th April 2019

I’m setting myself and my followers a challenge to turn themselves into A* pupils. With just under 6 weeks to go until the first exam, it’s imperative for students to be starting to look at potential questions that may come up on the paper. Lots of students spend a lot of time looking over the past papers and practising how to answer questions that have already been asked. While there is some value in this as it helps with structure and the skills required, it is not as effective as answering questions that haven’t been asked. Each day from now until the exams I will be posing (and answering a ten mark question on a specific topic area on the exams. 15 minutes a day could seriously transform your grades (this is now sounding like a commercial for Herbalife or an ab-cruncher) Of course, a disclaimer, this is a speculative question that I have written that has not been on an AQA Education paper as of June 2018.

Today, I will be focusing on the 10 mark Education Question – an apply and analyse question. You can download my response on the Model Answers page under the heading Today’s Tens. So here is today’s question:

Todays Ten Globalisation and Education .jpg

I will be posting my responses each day in the blog section, please feel free to comment or like if you agree with my response. Hopefully the 5 minutes a day you practise retrieving information and rehearsing how to apply it will serve you well in the exams.

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