40 Day Challenge – Day 3 – Education and Social Policy

Based on some of the requests that I have received for the 40 Day Challenge from teachers, today’s question looks at Education and Social Policy. The obvious links to be made here are about marketisation, but this has been covered in Paper 1 in 2017 with a ten mark question on how marketisation impacted on parent choice and student experience. It was a particularly tricky question, one that many students failed to get above 3/10 on due to a lack of explicit reference to either the item, parental choice or student experience. However, I wanted to examine some of the other ways in which government can influence education and so wrote the following question which focuses on teaching specialist skills.

Education and Social Policy

Yesterday’s question on sociology and value freedom was another nightmare for students. My response can be found in Model Answers

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  1. these are great, really gets everyone thinking

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