#40DayChallenge – Day 4 – Post Modernity

One of the many requests I’ve had to cover during this 40 Day challenge is to look at Post-Modernity. In 2016, the last full exam for SCLY4 (legacy resit not included) there was a 33 mark question on Post-Modernity which was a tough one for students to be examined on and those students doing SCLY3 Media probably did best on this section as there was more post-modern content on it on the old spec than other areas. With the change to the new specification, Post-modernity is throughout the spec, particularly with the greater emphasis on globalisation, diversity and change in contemporary society. With that in mind, there are more opportunities for the post-modern approach to be asked (as evidenced by last years Families and Households paper). However, for today’s challenge I have looked at it from a theory and methods perspective. Today’s question is:

Yesterday’s question on Educational Policy was another request I have had a lot. Many students want to know about marketisation policies and although this has already been asked on the June 2017 paper, I will look at a similar type of apply and analyse question in the next few days. My response to the question regarding policy equipping student’s with skills is in Model Answers

Good luck with today’s challenge and come back tomorrow for a new challenge – just 36 Days until Paper 1

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