#40DayChallenge – Day 8 – Social Action

Another problem area for students is the Structural – Social Action debate, and I will be looking at this in one of my You Tube 20 mark walkthroughs later in this revision season. There is, however, the possibility of social action or structural theories being a ten mark question and this is one that a few students have asked me to go over. A lot of the specification deals with what I call ‘old sociology’ – the historical big theories of sociology and the new specification has certainly tried to shift away from these grand narratives in some of the questions they have asked. In last year’s families paper 2 20 marker, there was a focus on late modern and post modern ideas, Paper 3 in 2017 had a 30 mark question which was essential on Realism. However, the structure vs social action debate is an area I think that future exams may way explore and so I have set the following question for today’s challenge.

My response to yesterday’s question on marketisation and inequality can be found in the model answers section of this website or by clicking below https://thesociologyguy.com/model-answers/

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