#40DayChallenge – Day 18 Feminism

In the past, short answer questions on the major theories were not something students would expect. However, last year one of the questions for students was to outline and explain two ways the Functionalism was limited in explaining contemporary society which opened up a new avenue for questioning from AQA. This type of question might seem straightforward to some, but often theory questions have a context behind them (such as evaluate the contribution of Functionalism to our understanding of Crime and Deviance) which allows the student to develop evaluations a number of ways. It is much harder when it is theory without context – although I would argue a good response in this question would tie in some form of context to the criticism. 

Today’s question on the 40 Day Challenge is… 

My answer to this question, along with all of the other answer to the #40DayChallenge can be found in model answers from tomorrow. 

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