#2022 Challenge

Video walkthroughs of each of the days in the #2022Challenge available on my You Tube channel

From 1st March 2022, I will be doing a daily challenge (Monday to Friday – even I deserve weekends off!) posing 20 marks worth of questions based on parts of the specification that have not been named in the 2022 Advanced information for AQA Sociology. I will post both the questions and my responses here. The first day of the challenge is the 1st March 2022, and the order in which I will be tackling the questions can be viewed below.

#2022sociologychallenge Schedule

You can also download a PDF version of the document by clicking on download icon below:

Good luck with your revision – Craig (aka The Sociology Guy)

The questions can be found in the gallery below and will appear once the challenge has begun.

Education (1st March – 5th March)

Theory and Methods (7th March – 11th March)

Culture and Identity (14th March -18th March)

Families and Households (21st March – 25th March)

Health (28th March – 1st April)

Work, Poverty and Welfare (4th April – 8th April)

Beliefs in Society (11th April – 15th April)

Global Development (18th April – 22nd April)

Media (25th April – 29th April)

Stratification and Differentiation (2nd May – 6th May)

Crime and Deviance (9th May – 13th May)

Methods in Context (16th May – 20th May)

Video walkthroughs of all of the responses to the #2022challenge are available on my You Tube channel and are organised into the #2022challenge playlist

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