#2022challenge Day 3 – Gender and Education

Day 3’s questions looked at Gender and Education – focusing on both in-school and home factors, as well as gender identity. The questions are below:

I sent out a few images to help students to answer the questions – now these are not exhaustive and there are many other reasons but I focus on providing students with 4 or 5 reasons that will help condense revision and you can find more of these under Revision Notes or the individual topic area pages. But these were the ones sent out to help answer the questions.

The written version of my responses is available as a PDF download below.

Tomorrow questions look at ethnicity and education and as always, I’ll tweet and place images on Instagram to help you answer the questions. Video walkthroughs (if you want to hear me drone on about referencing an item for 20 mins – useful if you struggle sleeping!) they you can go to my You Tube Channel – The Sociology Guy – where I have been putting together all the videos for the challenge under a #2022challenge playlist

Tomorrow questions are below – Good luck!

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