#2022Challenge Day 5 Education

The end of the first week and 15 out of 125 questions answered. I’ve had some really nice feedback from people doing the challenge, so I hope others are finding it useful. Ordinarily there would not be a challenge set on the weekends, but as I miscalculated the number of days in the first week of March, I had to add a weekend question for Day 5.

Bit of a mixed bag of questions, some drawing on policies and some drawing on functions of education. I have posted my responses below.

Next week we move into the Theory and Methods questions for both Paper 1 and 3. As we know that Consensus, Conflict, Structural and Social Action Theories will be the focus of the 20 marker, I will be looking at one methods and one theoretical debates question (sociology as a science, value freedom, sociology and policy etc) each day. The first questions for next week are below. Good luck with week 2 of the challenge!

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