#2022Challenge Culture and Identity Day 11

After a nice relaxing weekend, it’s back to the grindstone with 2 – 10 mark questions on Culture and Identity. I have to admit, this is not a module I have taught very often, but it is quite a fascinating module to have read about and studied. As we focus largely on the non-Advanced Information content, today’s challenge looks at three different specification points. Socialisation, Identity and Production and Consumption. Why 3? Well the 10 mark outline and explain questions always look to get students at A level to link two different specification points together to show skills of application and to develop synoptic links.

The apply and analyse question is more straightforward on paper as the material usually comes from one part of the specification, however, there is the added complication of having to make sure that your answer refers to content from the item. If you don’t… maximum three marks out of ten.

I sent out some graphics earlier today to highlight some possible ways to answer the question, and the model answers I wrote is below. Video walkthrough will be up later this evening.

Tomorrow’s question is below – looking at making links between how globalisation impacts on social class identity (HINTS: work, consumption, nationalism to name a few) while the item question is centred on consumption. Good luck.

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