#2022Challenge Day 16 Families and Households

Still playing catch-up somewhat, but onto the right day at least. Today’s #2022Challenge looked at changes to the family structure and how they influence children’s experiences and a 10 mark item question on the decline of marriage. I have to admit to deliberately picking two more difficult hooks in that question – individualism and secularisation – just to test myself and students a little.

I sent out the following graphics through the day, and these have been uploaded to both the 2022Challenge page where all the answers so far are contained. I’m also in the process of reorganising the Families and Households page with graphics. All of these will be able to download FREE at some point in the near future once I figure out the best format for them.

Anyway, you come for the essays not my grand plans… so here it is. Of course, there are lots of other answers that could be given, it’s just my brief attempt – hope it helps and good luck with tomorrows question (below).

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