Generally speaking, I’m a ‘fly be the seat of my pants’ kind of guy, and while I make many, many attempts to be more organised and plan out lessons well in advance, there are always those moments where I’m caught out and stumbling around the staffroom searching for something I’ve done in the past to keep a class of 20+ teenagers occupied for five minute while I get my…’self’ together. Whether it’s a last minute cover or you’ve just had one of those days, hopefully over the next few months I’ll have something here for you (although, please do remember that I am seriously chaotic in my organisation skills).

Here are some of the free teaching resources that I will uploading to this page on a regular basis. I try to design resources that can be used in a number of ways to fit in with individual teaching styles. I believe in having highly visual resources that are relatively easy to use and allow students to be creative with their own interpretations of what sociology is… after all I’m not the Psychology Guy. (No offence intended – sociology is just a lot more subjective than psychology is).

While I make these resources free to use, I do brand them so that students might use my other materials or be directed to my website. Traffic to my website is how I am able to produce these resources for free, so would hope that teachers/students that use these resources would respect that. Answers to many of the worksheets can be found through looking at relevant pages on my website.

Starting Sociology

General Sociological Concepts


I do also write and contribute resources to which provide many other free to access resources for those who have a tutor2u account.

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