40 day Challenge Day 2 – Sociology and Value Freedom

Today’s Ten Marker in the 40 day Challenge is an outline and explain question on theory and methods – what would be question 6 on Paper 1. Some teachers and students have a belief that the ten marker on paper 1 would be on methods, with the ten marker on paper 3 being theory, but that is not true. As a consequence, I have come up with a challenging question for Day 2 of the 40 Day Challenge. Sociologists and value freedom




I have attached the response I wrote for yesterday’s 10 marker which you may recall was on Education and Globalisation. While my response did not include some of the other hooks in the item such as ‘awareness of overseas cultures’ which could be linked to minority ethnic achievement and movement away from the ethnocentric curriculum, it did focus on ‘choice in schools’ and ‘international rankings’ as the two hooks. The full response can be found here.

Education and Globalisation Ten MarkerTodays Ten Globalisation and Education

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