#40DayChallenge Day 15 Social Policy and Gender Roles

Today we are going back to family and looking at the Outline and Explain question. Lots of requests to look at social policy for all areas of the specification so I have gone with another social policy question, this time looking at how it might affect gender roles. It’s worth thinking about how gender roles have changed first, rather than social policies in these types of questions. I think a good approach with this type of question is to work backwards and think – how are male and female roles different in the family? Women work more – are there any policies that have shaped women’s aspirations to work? Men are more involved with their children – any policies? Relationships are becoming more equal – any policies that might impact on that? It’s a better approach than looking for policies as you are more likely to come up with the aim of the policy, rather than what it did in practice that way. 

So, Day 15 of the #40DayChallenge is… 

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