#40DayChallenge Day 35

It’s actually closer to Day 37… but given the failure of my internet provider this week I’m running behind in my promise to provide you with 40 model answers in 40 days (current total standing at 36). Today I will be looking at a variation on the theme of practical, ethical and theoretical strengths and limitations of research methods by leaving a specific research method out, but instead focusing on the kind of data that could be produced. Qualitative data in contextual, words, images, recordings, diaries, journals, previous research etc. It all need to be analysed and inferences made from the content. Furthermore, doing this can be really time-consuming and tends to be done on a relatively small scale, or as part of a larger content analysis (especially in Media). 

When tackling this type of question, it is always worth remembering the Practical, Ethical and Theoretical Strengths and Limitations of specific methods. Those that produce qualitative data tend to have similar problems. If you are unsure on P.E.T. go to the revision notes page where there are some handy one page summaries of these considerations. 

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