#2022 Challenge Day 6 Theory and Methods

Bit of a tougher question today – looking at Theory and Methods. The first question on primary research methods… I combined the ‘choice of topic and methods’ with the trend that seems to have occurred for asking about strengths/limitations for either primary or secondary methods that AQA appear to have had over recent papers. It’s certainly a tougher question than I’d expect, but with primary and secondary data explicitly named on the specification, got to prepare for it to be included in a question.

The debates question was another flipped one. Often it’s asked why sociology doesn’t or why it should not inform policy, so preparing for an alternative view is always useful. That really goes the same when preparing for all of the debates. Find information that you can use for both sides of a debate – e.g. why sociology can be a science, why society is not in a post modern age, why sociology cannot be value-free… speaking of which…(see below).

Here are my answers to Day 6 and the questions for Day 7 are below. If you’re keeping up with the challenge, then we’ve covered 17/125 questions, which by my elementary maths means we’ve completed over 10% of the challenge. Keep going – 30-45 minutes a day will pay off in the long run.

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