#2022Challenge Day 10 Theory and Methods

Then end of week 2 of the #2022 Challenge is upon us as I put up the final response to this week’s challenges. Today we looked at two questions that differed in difficulty. First, ethical considerations of experiments should be quite straightforward, identifying an ethical issue, explaining why it was an issue and using an example to illustrate how it works in practice. The second questions was a little trickier, looking at how values influences choice of topic, and I deliberately went with a similar response to how values influence research – why? Well, if you can have a range of answers that stem from a few ideas, it helps you to focus your revision on those pieces of research and concepts that are versatile (in other words can be used to answer a range of questions). And given the barriers students have faced over the past 2 years, a little trimming of the spec might just be what is needed.

Through the day I sent out a few hints. All of these can be found below and are in the revision notes section of website and will be on relevant subject pages ASAP.

Today’s answer is below… all other answers for the challenge so far (25 questions) can be found on the 2022 Challenge page. Next week it’s Culture and Identity, the first of the options I’m tackling. Around 7% of students tackle this module, so expecting a bit of a quieter week, then the following week Families – which will be a challenge as I am also shooting around the country that week on the Tutor2U grade booster tour. But I will endeavour to carry on. 25 down – just 100 to go.

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