#2022Challenge Day 12 Culture and Identity

Culture and Identity is today’s theme, focusing mainly on the impacts of globalisation and social class identity as well as the impacts of consumption on identity. Through the day I sent out some hints, which are in the gallery below.

In answering the questions, I tried to use as much information as I could from other areas of the specification to show how inter-connected sociology is. Strinati is used in the media section, while Bauman should be used far more throughout the specification in my opinion, but you know…maybe one day. Concepts such as crisis of masculinity appear in education, while the process of globalisation and its impacts on society are wide ranging. There is not one module in which globalisation does not have impacts which makes me think that it should really be explored in much more depth earlier on in the course, rather than add ons in topic areas. Anyway, 29 questions down – 96 to go. Tomorrow’s (Day 13) questions are below and the video walkthrough will be on You Tube shortly. Good luck.

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