#2022Challenge Day 15…Culture and Identity

Still playing catch up after a few days not on task, but today is the final day in the Culture and Identity week of the challenge – which is sort of bittersweet. The topic areas for culture and identity are really interesting and very relevant to contemporary society…but finding adequate resources for students to learn from…less so. Textbooks aside, there was little else, and I can see why few teachers choose this module, yet there are so many synoptic links to other areas of the specification. I think a media/culture options combo would possibly cut about 20% of the content that students need to learn and develop a greater understanding of the connections between areas. But I’m prattling on. You can here for the answers and here they are…

I also did a few summary sheets which I have uploaded to the Culture and Id page and the 2022Challenge page. I will definitely be updating the resources on this area as I think more students should opt for this over families… but I may say that about all of the areas by the end of this challenge. Here is the next question…on family. Good luck!

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