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Knowledge Organisers have become quite the trend in education recently. giving students all of the information they need on one page reduces a certain amount of cognitive load on a student of pages and pages of notes on what will inevitably be one paragraph of an essay. However, I prefer to give students topics to research themselves. I direct them to the information and give them clues to what they need to know, but the emphasis is on them to find it. That is why a lot of my Knowledge Organisers on this page are deliberately kept blank. So students can use their natural curiosity to find out the information for themselves.

I am a realist though as well. Which is why I will be uploading brief walkthroughs of the information to my YouTube channel in due course – find the link…. here


  • Families and Households

Functionalism and Family Blank

Marxism and Family Blank

  • Education

Functionalism and Education

Marxism and Education

– Crime and Deviance 

Functionalism and Sub-cultural Theories


A different type of organiser I found recently from a History twitter account is what I call the 9 – square. Essentially it is a 9×9 grid, best printed on A3 split into 9 boxes of 9 tiles. In the centre box is the key theme and around it 8 sub-topics. The other eight boxes have the sub topics in the centre tile and students have to write 8 comments about the sub-topic around it. This is really useful for the 10 mark OUTLINE and EXPLAIN questions, as students can visually see the links between different parts of the specification (an essential criteria for the 10 mark outline and explain questions on Paper 2)

9squared Dependency Theory


Global 9 square Modernisation

Global 9 square Dependency


Still under Construction. I will be posting resources in the run up to May and June exams on a regular basis – follow @thesociologyguy on Twitter for more updates

Another form of knowledge organiser that appears to be used frequently amongst the online sociology community is Thinking Quilts, or as I call them BFGs…Big (Expletive Deleted) Grids. I think I’ll go with the former description though…probably less aggressive (blame toxic masculinity if you like). Below I will be updating some Quilts on key areas of each of the specifications. They are essential for developing student’s vocabulary and allowing them to use sociological language correctly, as well as helping to organise their revision and make sure they are aware of key concepts and ideas.

Thinking Quilts  


Changes in Family




Functions of Crime

Marxism and Crime Quilt

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