Planning for a range of questions is key to performing well in A level Sociology. Whilst the exam often throws up questions that students (and teachers!) may not have thought possible, there are some topic areas and question types that are more likely to come up than others due to the weight of material available to answer the questions. I usually construct some basic mind-maps for students with suggested content they may wish to discuss in an essay. Of course, the information on these sheets is my guide, and does not necessarily mean that concepts/ideas or research that you have been taught will not answer the question.  Mark schemes, particularly for 20 and 30 mark questions are very broad and there is no one specific way to answer the question.


Education Essay types and plans


Family Essay types and plans





Still under Construction. I will be posting resources in the run up to May and June exams on a regular basis – follow @thesociologyguy on Twitter for more updates

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