#40DayChallenge Day 12 – Ethics and Covert Observations

Today’s question switches from looking at the theoretical debates on the theory and methods 10 mark questions to the methods that sociologists use. Two years ago, in the first examination of the new specification, a new form of question type was asked about methods which demonstrated the elevation of methods only questions from AS level to A level. The use of a specific type of limitation (practical) for Historical Documents on Q6 of the 2017 paper showed how specific some of the strengths and limitations of different methods questions could be and illustrate the move away from the 4 mark questions on the AS and old SCLY2 paper. With this in mind, it is worth practising some of these questions and splitting revision into Practical, Ethical and Theoretical Strengths and limitations and knowing at least 2 for each of the methods. In the revision materials section of this website there are some blank templates which will help you out with your revision for these questions. So here is today’s question: 

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