#2022Challenge Day 9

Day 9 of the challenge is complete and just one more day to go to the weekend. After this week, we’ll nearly be down to double figures of questions to complete. At present, there are still 102 to go!

Throughout the day I have been posting some little hints on how to answer todays questions. Question 2 is probably more tricky as it requires students to apply not only their understanding of what postmodernity is, but also to identify features of contemporary society that fit into the characteristics of postmodernity. Fortunately, there is a lot of that in the news at the moment, distrust of experts, insecurity, media saturation etc…

Here is my answer and below, rounding off week 2 of 11 is Day 10’s question. One more straightforward that the other – choice of topic is very similar to values questions is my hint – next week onto the optional topics, so if you don’t do Culture and Identity, consider yourself rested. Good luck!

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